A member of the Taylor Smith Group since 2012, Aqua Science and Technology Ltd specializes in providing water management products and services to its wide portfolio of clients across different sectors, from the smallest company to the largest plant. We are a solid team of chemists and engineers supported by a professional team of administrators, planners, technicians, accountants and reliable partners and suppliers.

You have to see it in action to understand the commitment and quality we put into our products and services. Because at Aqua Science, every drop counts!

We are attentive to details and anticipative in our approach. Find our fields of expertise below:

  • Installation and operation of Desalination plants
  • Installation and operation of Sewage Treatment Plants
  • Swimming pool treatment and maintenance
  • Drinking water treatment solutions
  • Cooling Tower water Treatment solutions
  • Steam and Hot water Treatment solutions

The company has diversified its activities to include the distribution, installation and set-up of chemical products and equipment, industrial pumps, and others.

We engage in environmental protection, commit to changing the course of our future, and commit to sustainable goals that influence our decision-making and the way we do business.



Aqua Science and Technology Ltd aspires to be the leading water engineering company in the Indian Ocean by abiding by its values.


Our mission is to provide cutting-edge water services to the community we serve through our engineering and technical expertise.






    Managing Director

    Having more than 15 years of experience in water treatment and process engineering, Mrinal has an educational background in Chemistry and an MBA from Panthéon-Sorbonne University. He transitioned from being the Technical manager and Operations Manager to being the General Manager in 2020. Mrinal strongly believes in empowering others and equally leads the team with integrity. His major strengths lie in being self-disciplined, persistent, decisive, and risk-taking. He always welcomes new challenges as being the constant change in the VUCA world. "The key to success is to believe in your team. Empowering my team has always been my utmost priority. Today, I am proud to see that our company values are being transferred to the next generation. I cannot be more proud of the growth of Aqua Science and Technology Ltd."

  • Clarel Fanchon

    Clarel Fanchon

    Regional Sales Director

    Being a Chemist by background, Clarel has more than 20 years of experience in water treatment and process engineering. Sales and Business Development were almost natural to him, as he is empathetic and has an irresistible charm. He also holds a Master's in Executive Marketing from Paris Dauphine University. Besides, his passion for the business, superb communication skills along with his technical expertise always help him make the win for client proposals. Clarel emphasises a lot on maintaining a happy and collaborative work environment. His super energetic mood in the morning always extends to the rest of the team! "There is no secret formula to success. One needs to take time to observe and understand others. The rest will follow. I believe it is the best way to deal with any kind of situation, be it in the personal or professional context."

  • Shashi Bucha

    Shashi Bucha

    Technical Manager

    With an Engineering Degree in Mechatronic Engineering and 18 years of working experience in various Engineering fields ranging from Contracting, Production, Marinised Engines, Energy power solutions to Water treatment, Shashi started as a Contract Coordinator and worked his way up to the position of Technical Manager at Aqua Science and Technology Ltd. Self-disciplined, analytic and conscientious could be some adjectives that describe him. Shashi is a firm believer in "Integrity with hard work, day in day out" and imprints this on himself, his team and the people around him.

  • Khameesh Dawoodarry

    Khameesh Dawoodarry

    Site Operations Manager

    Khameesh Dawoodarry joined Aqua Science and Technology Limited in 2015 and was appointed as Site Operations Manager in 2019. He holds a Bachelor's Degree in Process Engineering from the University of Lyon, France. His academic background, coupled with his strong hands-on experience in water treatment and processes, give him an edge in handling and operating desalination and sewage treatment plants. His firm belief in leadership by empowering others has strengthened the operator's team and consolidated the teamwork spirit.

  • Bipin Purmessur

    Bipin Purmessur

    Sales Manager

    Energetic Manager with over 25 years of experience in the Industrial & Water Sector, Bipin holds a Master’s degree in Automation Engineering. A dedicated Engineer with extensive knowledge of engineering principles and standards, he has excellent collaboration skills and a commitment to minimizing downtime for the production process within a facility. His disciplined problem-solving approach helps him provide innovative and timely solutions to our valuable customers. He believes that "Our weakness lies in giving up. The most certain way to succeed is to always try just one more time"

  • Minal Burgus

    Minal Burgus

    Project Manager

    Minal performed multiple internships at the company during his studies in Electromechanical & Automation engineering and joined the team permanently as Technician in 2019 and within a few years took the responsibility as Assistant Technical Manager. He had the opportunity to develop his knowledge in the water treatment industry and completed his MSc Project Management from UCaln. He is today appointed as Project Manager since Sep 2023. Minal holds also a Diploma from Danfoss, Denmark, to intervene on high pressure & iSave pumps. He believes in continuous hard work, innovation, and knowledge transfer. “The gem cannot be polished without friction, nor man perfected without trials.”




  • Tristee Joosureea

    Tristee Joosureea

    Administrative Executive

  • Zarqa Kootab

    Zarqa Kootab

    Sales Engineer

  • Kervin Duprat

    Kervin Duprat

    Logistics Lead

  • Michael Jean Pierre

    Michael Jean Pierre

    Assistant Technical Manager

  • Cedric Roussety

    Cedric Roussety

    After-Sales Representative

  • Rubeid Khodabocus

    Rubeid Khodabocus

    Procurement and Logistics Coordinator

  • Uzher Burkuth

    Uzher Burkuth

    Chemical Engineer